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Janeen on looking after your joints

Janeen on looking after your joints


Janeen Howard from GO Healthy talks about a brand new product to help with joint stiffness.

Janeen Howard is the Technical Manager for GO Healthy with over 18 years experience in the natural health industry. A fully qualified Medical Herbalist with a Diploma in Natural Products and Nutritional Medicine, Janeen is passionate about finding a balance in life and improving health through the use of natural products and supplements. You will see Janeen regularly on TV3's The Café talking to viewers about GO Healthy supplements.


GO JOINT SUPPORT ACTIVE 1-A-DAY contains scientifically researched ingredient NEM®, derived from eggshell membrane. NEM® contains naturally occurring glycosaminoglycans, such as chondroitin and hyaluronic acid, as well as collagen – all working together to provide one complete joint health solution. Studies have shown NEM® offers greater protection against cartilage degradation and provides the body with nutrients to naturally rebuild damaged joint cartilage. GO Joint Support Active 1-A-Day offers triple the joint defence, supporting mobility, comfort and protection, all supplied in an easy to take 1-A-Day dose.

  • Scientifically researched NEM®

  • Offering triple the joint health

  • Supports joint comfort and mobility starting from 10 days*

  • 1-A-Day dose

  • VegeCap Advantage