I haven't heard of GO Healthy before. When did it start?

GO Healthy was founded in New Zealand in 2008 by 3 friends wanting to provide high quality supplements. GO Healthy is now the #1 premium supplement brand in New Zealand and we’re constantly asking “What else?” and “What next?”. We are excited to be now offering this range in Australia and Singapore.

Where are GO Healthy products made?

All GO Healthy products are made in New Zealand in our own GMP approved facility. All raw ingredients, sourced locally or internationally, are thoroughly tested prior to use. All our supplements are then rigorously tested before leaving our manufacturing plant for pharmacies and health stores. This gives GO Healthy - and you - complete confidence in a high quality product which is 100% New Zealand made.

Are all your products 1-A-Day?

Where possible, GO Healthy aims to provide supplements in a convenient 1-A-Day dose. Sometimes, due to the size of the dose required, we need to divide the supplement across several capsules.

Where does GO Healthy source its raw ingredients?

At GO Healthy, we aim to provide high quality supplements, so we selectively source the best ingredients from New Zealand and around the world. Our products are then proudly made by the GO Healthy team in New Zealand. 

Why would I need to take a supplement?

We recommend that the best way to get all of your vitamins and minerals is through a balanced diet. Supplements should only be of assistance if this dietary intake is inadequate. In today's busy world however, there are times that your diet may be lacking due to increased need or perhaps poor lifestyle choices. Take a look at our 'Personal Solution' tool to discover what supplements are right for you.

What are your VegeCaps made from?

At GO Healthy, we use VegeCaps made from non-GMO vegetable cellulose. These are 100% free from animal products such as gelatine. VegeCaps are easily digested once swallowed, allowing the optimum absorption of ingredients. VegeCaps are suitable for all people including vegetarians. You should always check the individual supplement ingredients to ensure these are vegetarian however.

Why can't I buy GO Healthy in supermarkets?

GO Healthy provides high quality supplements in high potency formulations. We only sell through Pharmacies and Health Stores, so you can always get the advice of a Healthcare Professional if you need it.