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Aker Biomarine

Aker Biomarine

When it comes to sourcing products from the sea, GO Healthy works with partners committed to sustainable harvesting. This is particularly important for any health products made with Krill, a crustacean essential to the Antarctic marine ecosystem.

Aker Biomarine, based in Norway, supplies us with high quality Antarctic Red Krill Oil for the GO Krill Oil range of supplements. Aker Biomarine is committed to enhancing krill populations, and has partnered with the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition and WWF-Norway to establish the Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund (AWR). The purpose of the fund is to facilitate and promote Antarctic marine ecosystem research.

AWR has funded nine research projects that aim to improve fishery management for Antarctic Krill. They have committed USD $1 million over a period of five years to support science around sustainable krill farming management. They have also invested in eco-harvesting to reduce bycatch to almost zero.

Compared to other fisheries which set precautionary catch limits at 10 per cent or more, Aker Biomarine limits their krill catch to one per cent of the stock biomass, leaving 99 per cent for natural predators. This follows the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) regulations. They are also MSC certified.

All Aker Biomarine catches are reported to CCAMLR and krill harvesting is restricted to an area of the Southern Ocean called Area 48. Fishery management in this area is robust, as the approval of 25 governments is needed to change any fishing regulations in Antarctic waters.

Krill Oil supports mental focus, joint health and overall mobility. Red Krill Oil is a potent source of Omega 3, as it contains phospholipids which transport Omega 3 into cells, giving far greater absorption than regular fish oil. Omega 3 supports heart function and balanced cholesterol levels.