GO Healthy is part of the The Better Health Company. We are a collection of health and wellness businesses, including GO Healthy New Zealand, GO Healthy Australia, Egmont Honey and New Zealand Health Manufacturing.

The products we sell originate in nature and our products contribute to our customers' and consumers' health and well-being . Together we are embarking on a new sustainability direction from 2021.

Sustainability Framework and Policy

Our mission for sustainability is: "Better health for better people on a better planet."

Our sustainability framework sets out three focus areas: Better Health, Better People, and Better Planet.

- Better Health means we create quality products that improve the health and wellness of our customers.

- Better People means the people that work for us and the communities we operate in are healthy and thriving.

- Better Planet means healthy products come from the natural world, and we must cherish this for future generations.

You can learn more about our sustainability framework and sustainability policy here.


Case studies

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Frequently asked questions

What is GO Healthy doing about the plastic packaging?

The GO Healthy brand works closely with our packaging supplier, Pharmapac, on the sustainability of packaging. The packaging is critical to protect our natural products and keep them effective.

For GO Healthy, the vast majority of the packaging used is created from plastic "HDPE #2" (our white potties) or "PP#5" (our amber bottles). These plastics are 100% recyclable. To learn more about plastic packaging and recycling in New Zealand, please click here.

All Councils in New Zealand accept #2 plastics in curbside recycling. The majority currently accept #5 plastic. To find out more about your local recycling options, please click here.

In Australia, check with your local Council. Most councils in Australia accept #2 and #5 plastic. For a list of Australian councils and what they accept in their kerbside recycling, please click here.

We are continually looking for sustainable packaging improvements that meet consumers' needs and protect the products we make.

You can learn more about our packaging and Pharmapac in this case study.

How are you reducing your manufacturing waste?

We are focused on improving the productivity and the efficiency of our manufacturing processes. This ensures that we are reducing our impact on the environment. We are focused on reducing energy and waste, and minimising waste of ingredients and the packaging use in the manufacturing process.

Where possible we reuse or recycle all the packaging we receive that protects our raw and bulk materials. We collect large cardboard boxes, plastic containers and metal drums and have these recycled. This significantly reduces the waste we are sending to landfill.

You can learn more about our manufacturing sustainability initiatives here.

What steps are you taking regarding the sustainable sourcing of your ingredients?

We source the quality ingredients for our products from trusted suppliers, committed to sustainable sourcing.

Sustainable sourcing is a priority requirement in our supplier relationships. 

In 2021, we will develop a new sustainable and ethical sourcing policy and implement this with our suppliers.

Refer to our Aroma and Aker Biomarine case studies to learn more about our sustainability sourcing initiatives.